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shooting, aerial filming, sound, editing, graphics, production.
I can work the way that suits you best.
(music, "Whispers" by the mighty Twin Atlantic)

I like Aerials

fully licensed / insured pilot

There's just "something" about seeing things from the air that you don't get from the ground. Aerial shots can introduce excitment and pace or a calm serenity.

I like Engineering

it's what builds our world

It's more than just the big machines; it's the engineers who design the systems that enable society. Life without transport or water or sewerage? I don't think so...

I like  People

they're curious and insightful

You only need to speak to someone to get new insights which increase the value and relevance of what you are trying to say.

I like Live

the most demanding and most satisfying

"Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment. Would you capture it or just let it slip?" ~ Eminem.

pic of Canon XF 305

Camera work

Have worked with film and video from pre digital days. Embraced small format HD cameras as soon as available (2006) and have used most types.

photo of mic


Started my career in radio, developing through dubbing to location recording and then camera. So, sound is my background; it's important.

photo remote control

Drone Pilot

 The skill's in the thumbs...  and also in the index fingers if flying "one person" operation; maybe with a lighter drone in "tight" situations. Full PfCO and insurance.

photo edit suite

Post Prod

Skilled in Adobe products; chiefly Premiere, Photoshop and Illustrator - can get by with simple After Effects.

Kit List

What I have covers most general work. What I don't have I can hire in.

For "feet on the ground" shooting

Canon XF305 (can field 3)

Canon wide angle

Sennheiser G2 radio mic with MKE2 Gold heads (2 of)

Sennheiser 416 mic

Sennheiser wind jammer

Sennheiser SKP500 plug on Tx with phantom

Vinten Vision 3 + tripod

Vinten Vision 100 + tripod

Foldable jib

Lilliput HD field monitor


Can also crew up and field

Up to 4 camera set up with ATEM vision mixer, recording to disc or feeding satellite uplink or 4G / wired broadband

For aerial filming

DJI Inspire Pro drone with additional FPV camera mod

Dual controls for split filming

Zenmuse X5 camera M4/3 sensor (4k video 16MP stills)

Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 12mm prime

Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 25mm prime

Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 14mm – 42mm zoom

Various filters

HD client monitor

DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone with 5 way ACAS

DJI Camera 1 inch sensor (4k video 20MP stills)

DJI (Panasonic) 15mm fixed prime

Various filters

brief resumé


Glasgow based shooting PD fully licensed and insured for aerial filming.
Canon XF305 / Sennheiser Radio mic kit / Jib
 Inspire Pro with X5 / Phantom 4 Pro
Adobe Production Suite for post
Can crew up for multicamera shoots with live mixing and satellite uplink

Experienced in
• News and docs for broadcast • Broadcast factual • Social Media assets • Non broadcast docs • Corporates • Commercials

Recent award winning campaign around cervical screening and a shortlisted campaign around the protection of vulnerable adults.

2015 / 17

Social Media

Sponsor, Ad Hominem for Scottish Government.

Role; Lead camera (of 4) / PD / editor.

Documented “Wellness Enhancement Learning”. producing twenty two hours of lifestyle intervention material to combat modern epidemics - diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression, chronic fatigue.

Social Media

Sponsor, Healthcare Improvement Scotland (Scottish Government).

Role; Writer / shooting PD (lead of 5) / editor.

Document “Learning Sessions” Five and Six – large scale (4k people) HIS events promulgating best practice in healthcare, social care and third sector integration. Producing 12 hours of documentaries in various formats and lengths. 

Social Media

Sponsor, Health and Social Care Alliance for Scottish Government.

Role; Shooting PD / editor

Series of five films communicating Scottish Government GIRFEC programme to the deaf community. All acting parts were performed by deaf young adults.

Non Broadcast

Sponsor, Health and Social Care Alliance for Scottish Government.

Role; Shooting PD / editor.

Series of 5 films documenting “House of Care” pilot scheme for evaluation and promulgation. 

1986 / 87 

Channel 4 series “Down the Line”.

Role; Shooting PD

Short form docs packages 

Non broadcast

Role; PD

High end corporates. 

1989 / 92 

Sky, TVam.

Role; Camera / Sound

News packages 

Channel 4 Documentary “Cost of a Ship”.

Role; Production / Sound

1992 / 94 

STV  series “Box 2000” .

Role; Shooting PD

STV series “Reid about Scots” .

Role; Production / Sound

Research & development

Displaying and integrating video and media streams on PC

1995 / 97 

Implemented interactive media integration inc video on PC for high end corporate clients

Developed web implementation of interactive video / media integration

1997 / 01 

NTL Cable (many) commercials,

Role; PD

High end corporates / interactive packages / web sites. Role; Shooting PD 

2001 / 06 

Non Broadcast

Sponsor, Turning Point Scotland

Role; Shooting PD; 

Worked with disenfranchised groups to help them speak to power influencing and informing the design of services.

• People being moved from institutions to community care 

• People with learning disabilities

• People with addictions

The objective with these groups was to help them 

Non Broadcast

Turning Point Scotland (for SG.) ongoing series "218"

Role; Shooting PD

Documented alternative to custody project for women – long term commitment producing briefing material for judicial and penal system.

2006 / 08 

Non Broadcast

Sponsor, IIHD programme Psychosocial Interventions

Role; Shooting PD / editor

Documented local psychosocial interventions during Sri Lankan civil war. with IDP in camps in conflict zones.

Non Broadcast

Sponsor, IIHD programme Health Interventions Malawi

Role; Shooting PD / editor.

Documented local efforts to tackle the effects of AIDS. and to develop maternal health services,

2007 / 10 

Non Broadcast

Sponsor National Air Traffic Services (for ICAO)

Role; Writer / Shooting PD / editor

Document Transatlantic Incident Analysis


Sponsor National Air Traffic Services (for ICAO)

Role; Writer / Software developer / Programmer.

DataComms Simulator for transatlantic routes 

Non Broadcast

Sponsor GMJV for Scottish Water

Role; Writer / Shooting PD / editor

Documented redevelopment of Loch Turret Water Scheme including hydro- electric installation. . 

2010 / 12 

Non Broadcast

Sponsor, Scottish Water Solutions.

Role; Writer / Shooting PD / editor

Document the building and engineering of Holy Loch / Dunoon sewage treatment system. 

Non Broadcast

Sponsor NHSGGC

Role; Writer / shooting PD / editor

Public information films on introduction of Minor Injuries Units

2013 / 14 

Non Broadcast

Sponsor, Scottish Water Solutions. 2

Role; Writer / Shooting PD / editor

Document the re-development of Stranraer / Loch Ryan sewage treatment system. 

Social Media

Sponsor NHSGGC.

Role: Writer / PD / editor

Gold Award winning Cervical Screening campaign – 6 short “funnies” targeted at "at risk" young women.

Non Broadcast

Sponsor, NHS

Role: Co-writer/ shooting PD / editor

Developed Patient Stories library – series of long form discovery interviews. 

Social Media

Sponsor Inverclyde Council for Scottish Government.

Writer / shooting PD / editor

Award Shortlisted. Adult Protection – series of 6 shorts based on gathered stories dramatising aspects of adult vulnerability and exploitation. 

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